Sports - Leisures

Beaches: The Cape Corse contains innumerable sandy or stony beaches, all quiet as gravitational ones as the others. Easy acces conveys some by lhe Road of the Cap.

Hirings catamarans, windsurfer, canoë... Club Nautique Bastiais : Lido de la Marana, Igesa beach, 20600 Furiani near BASTIA

Diving: Initiation, diving of night, visits of wrecks, etc. Thalassa Immersion, very close to the apartments between Bastia and Pietranera.

Hikes: The Natural Regional Parc of Corsica various pedestrian roads alloying to discover the Montain, Sea and typical isolated villages : GR 20, Mare e Monti (between sea and montain) Mare a Mare (sea to sea ) paths of country, or way of the customs officers . Restonica Valley.


Spa at Riva Bella ear Aleria, at South of Bastia, in the eastern plain.


Corsica Rail Road:
A train connects Bastia to Corte, Calvi and Ajaccio. This trip is worth the turning. In particular the Bastia- Ajaccio way which crosses Corsica in his mountainous part by crossing Vizzavona pass. This way count among the most beautiful in Europe…

Wines and typical meat dishes Don't forget to taste the differents wines and the corsican culinary specialities, pork-butchery meats, cheeses, honey, etc.

Cultural Agenda

Bastia et les environs pour une journée découverte:
Visit of the Citadel and the Old City Aléria (about 70 km South from Bastia), The Antic City, archeological site, Fort of Matra, etc.

Corte (about 70 km South from Bastia), visit of the City

Saint-Florent (about 25 km from Bastia), Ile Rousse (72 km), Calvi (86 km) (visit of the city , hight city, low city, citadel).

The Corsican specific guides

The Routard Guide
The Green Guide Michelin